I am Steve Kline. Husband to Samatha (she’s more than awesome and brilliant too). Father to Trey (he’s an amazing pianist and composer).

I am a self-taught economist and data-wonk at my family’s media business.

Most importantly, I am disciple of Jesus.

My wife and friends like to joke that I am a theologian, but I have never been to seminary or received any kind of training. One could say I am a self-taught theologian (but the Holy Spirit would not agree).

This blog came about because I had been reading the Bible through with some friends. It was the first time for them. So, I agreed to write a short email every morning about what stood out to me in our reading. The emails started getting longer. Then I started posting them to Facebook. But, it’s not easy to search through what you’ve written over several months on Facebook. So, I figured a blog would be a handy way to manage my writings if I ever wanted to review them at a later date.

Oh…what’s this blog about?

Well, every morning I make some coffee, head to the living room (unless I’m traveling, which is often), take my seat on the couch, grab my Bible, and start reading. No matter where I am reading in the Bible, I ask the Holy Spirit to show me Jesus. For, the entire Bible bears witness of him. So, in this blog, we are going to try to find Jesus everywhere in the scripture. And, hopefully our hearts will burn within us like the disciples on the road to Emmaus.