Who Says “I Destroy” – God or Satan?

Who says, “I Destroy?” The Bible gives a clear answer. Do you know what the Bible reveals? More importantly, do you believe what Jesus says about it?

Getting Water from the Rock

Israel got water from the rock at the beginning and end of their journey through the wilderness. Why are their two separate instances of this? What is different about each instance? What does this tell us about Jesus?

The Tabernacle, the Priests, and the Men of War

Numbers 1-4 can seem like boring chapters. There are separate lists of the 12 tribes for finding assitants for the census, registering the men who are able to go to war, and ordering the camps around the tabernacle. Then there are two chapters on the work and service of the Levites and how they camp around the tabernacle. But, when you dig deeper, this is a picture of Jesus, the spiritual believer, and the carnal believer.

Jesus Untangled: An Interview with Keith Giles

In this special episode of Living Room Theology, I interview my good friend, Keith Giles, about his new book, Jesus Untangled: Crucifying Our Politics to Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb. An essential question of the book is are you more American than Christian? As Keith lays out in the book, answering that question can be quite challenging.

Why Is the Purification for a Woman Twice as Long for a Daughter than a Son?

Leviticus 12 gives the ritual of purification for a woman after she gives birth to a child. One issue that is particularly difficult to understand in this chapter is why the time for purification for woman is twice as long when she gives birth to a daughter versus when she gives birth to a son. In this teaching, I am going to offer a possible explanation that helps us see Jesus in this chapter.

Jesus: The True Bread from Heaven

Israel ate the manna in the wilderness, but they died. However, the manna, the bread that God rained down from heaven, was a picture of Jesus, the true bread from heaven. In this week’s CUMO mid-week Bible, we look at how the manna was a type of Jesus and how Israel’s relation to the manna pictures our relationship to Jesus.

33, 16, 14, 7, 66, 2, 70 – They’re Jesus not Lotto Numbers

In Genesis 46, God sent Jacob down to Egypt. Jacob brings all his offpsring with him. Most of the chapter is taken up by the different groups that went and how many were in each group. Why are we given the number of each group? What do the numbers mean? Jesus, of course.

God Provides Himself the Lamb

In Genesis 22, we read about God testing Abraham. Is Abraham willing to sacrifice his son? Even more, does Abraham know the gospel? The entire chapter is a picture of the Father and Jesus.

Creation: A Witness to Jesus

At my blog, livingroomtheology.com, you can find a post with the same name as this podcast. The post has a diagram of the first three days of creation that goes along with this teaching.