The Principles of Giving – Part 1

Several years ago I taught a series called GYM – God, You, Money. Today and tomorrow I am going to post the audio to the first two parts of that series.

Today, in the first part, we look at the first offering in the Bible, which is found in Genesis 4:2-7. In this offering, we find four principles of giving:

  1. Readily
  2. Richly
  3. Revelation
  4. Response

The first two principles relate to the giver, and the second two principles relate to the receiver.

In addition to those four principles, we find that there is a corollary to them:

Obedience is greater than sacrifice.

At the end of the first part, we begin to look at how the four principles and the corollary are applied throughout the Bible

Look for part two tomorrow.

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