What Book Could You Read Over and Over?

In our company newsletter, we have a section where you can get to know new employees. We ask them a series of questions that reveal something about themselves. One of the questions is the title of this post.

I enjoy reading the answers. And, every time I read the answers I think about how I would answer the question. My answer would be short, but my explanation would be rather lengthy.

So, what book could I read over and over? The Bible.

In fact, it is the only book that I have ever read more than once. Cover-to-cover, I think I have read through the Bible at least 10 times now.

That is not to say I haven’t read other good books. I have read a lot of good books, and there have been a few that I planned to read again (Les Miserable being the most likely). But, it never happens. I think the reason is because I already know the plot. There’s no suspense. The element of surprise is gone. The first read is fresh, new, alive, exciting. The second is not.

So, how is it that I have spent the last six or seven years reading the Bible all the way through over and over? And, why is it that I will start again “in the beginning” on January 1?

Because every time I sit down to read the Bible I find some thought, some idea, some insight that is fresh, new, alive, exciting. But, these are not just random thoughts, random ideas, random insights. These are moments of inspiration and revelation from the Holy Spirit regarding my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. And, since Jesus is alive, each new revelation of old words, words I’ve read numerous times, brings life to my spirit, my mind, and my body.

Perhaps you have never experienced the Bible this way. Perhaps you have never read it all the way through. Perhaps you have read the Bible cover to cover but only out of some sort of obligation so the experience was dull, boring, forced.

If one of the above statements is you, and even if one of them is not, then I would like to invite on the journey through the Bible with me in 2017.

Check back tomorrow to see what the journey entails.

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