Psalm 111 – Jesus’ Prayer, My Prayer

I love how the psalms, like so much of scripture, have twofold meanings. We can read the psalms as prayers of Jesus. But, once we are saved and having the same mind as Jesus (as Philippians 2 instructs us), they become our prayers too.

Psalm 111 really shows this to me. It starts with a declaration to praise the Lord. It further declares that the works of the Lord are:

  • Great
  • Studied by those who delight in them
  • Full of splendor and majesty
  • To be remembered
  • Powerful
  • Faithful and just
  • Established forever and ever

Near the end we read the statement that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and all those that practice this fear, that is awe and reverence of God, have a good understanding.

The psalm closes with a declaration that God’s praise endures forever.

Jesus starts his prayer with a call to praise the Lord, and so should we. Jesus remembers all the works of God and what they are, and so should we.

It is this continual reflection on and remembering of the works of God that show us what it means to fear the Lord. And, this is the beginning of wisdom. Practicing this reflection and remembrance of God’s works gives a good understanding. Jesus did this and so should we.

Living in this fear, this continual remembrance and reflection upon God’s works and the qualities of them (see above), caused God’s praises to dwell on Jesus’ lips forever. It should be so of us too.

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