Psalm 17 – Is It David or Jesus?

Psalm 17 – A Prayer of David. That’s what my Bible says. But, is it David or Jesus that is speaking?

In my message yesterday, I mentioned that all lie and murder or do violence in that they have denied God by exchanging the truth about him for the lie. As a result, when God came in to the world through, Jesus all men murdered Jesus with their sin.

But, Isaiah 53:9 says that Jesus was different. It says he did no violence and had no deceit on his lips. Therefore, I think we can read Psalm 17 as a prayer from Jesus. Sure, David wrote it. And, every word was most likely true for him. But, the spirit of it is Jesus.

The psalm asks God to give ear to the speaker’s prayer because his lips were free from deceit. The only one that ever truly say that was Jesus. And by the word of God’s lips, the speaker has avoided the ways of the violent. Again, only Jesus never did any violence.

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