Jesus Daily Meets My Needs through Scripture

Today, I’m speaking at church that is having an open air meeting for the community and a BBQ afterwards. The church/community is in the projects on the west side of the city.

I had been praying about what to speak about. First, I thought about a message that I had put together on repentance. But, I didn’t think I should do that the first time I was with this group. It was pretty hard hitting and I wanted to do something more uplifting, exciting. So, I decided against the first impression God gave me.

Second, I thought I repeat a message I gave earlier in the year in the Philippines. It was called “Christ, Our Interpreter.” The Lord has had that idea heavy on my heart for more than a year. I figured this would be better since no one knew who I was. I think my real thought was that it would make me more likable.

But, yesterday I talked with the pastor of the church and he informed of the open air meeting. He said when they do that type of meeting he likes to make sure that the gospel is presented. Well, the Lord settled it right there. I was to give the message on repentance. I should have listened to the Lord the first time around.

Which brings me to today’s reading. Many of the psalms that were in the reading are in my message, fitting perfectly with what I’m speaking about. Once again the Lord has provided through His Word, Jesus, just what I need in the scripture for that day. Over and over, Jesus confirms things for me through the scripture.

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